Riyalan (TB)

- Born: 2001
- Colour: Bay
- Height: 16'1 HH
- Bone: 8.5 inches
- Breeder: HRH Aga Khan

A wonderful temperament is the standout trait of this tremendous looking stallion. Riyalan possesses a magical free flowing step at walk, trot and canter, and also makes a great shape over a pole.

Riyalan, with his sprinting-influenced pedigree, has all the ingredients to produce the much sought after quality athletic Irish Sport Horse; the same quality that has made the Irish famous for breeding the top three-day-eventers in the World. He is probably the best thoroughbred stallion standing in Ireland today, ideal for dual-purpose, and is now producing highly sought after progeny. Riyalan was also the Croker Cup winner in 2006 and is fully approved by the Irish Horse Board. A sire for the future!


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Media Spotlight

The Irish Field, Saturday, September 18, 2010 - A62 Goresbridge Sport Horse Performance Special

Trade back on upwards spiral, by Sally Parkyn.
"Tuesday's business was particularly active. Six horses made in excess of €8,000, the best of which was Frank Casey's, son (lot 1390) of the thoroughbred Riyalan out of Cruising mare who was added to Oliver Townsend's account for €9,500."